Forest, trees, girl, 2020, is a 3d collage, or plexigram using porn images from the 1980’s. With the central figure cut out; we see the room, the couch, the TV, the potted plant, but no girl. We know she is there somewhere but see only a blank, an overlap, a juxtaposition. She slips, is missing, gone. Meanwhile our eye continues to search… Mar – April 2023: This work is being exhibited in The Niche Gallery, Dumfries, Scotland.

Collage on glass

Alette, Fan of Memory are collages created on salvaged glass – double glazed units and caravan windows – are designed to hang from the ceiling, They were part of Fan of Memory an installation exhibited at Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh, 2015. Combining imagery from blue movies/vintage pornography, 70’s advertising and instructional leaflets, these works attempted to deconstruct memories of growing up in the 1970’s and to offer a critique of our collective nostalgia about this time.


Works on board