I start with something found or captured or stolen. A root, styrofoam, a piece of tarmac, a plastic balloon, insurance snaps. To work is to excavate. To lay down layers and take them up again. To recreate blanks. The ‘operation’ of perception to synthesis: allegory, myth, talisman, advertisement.


What is the strangest thing you have ever found on a beach?

  Walking the 4 miles along the beach  on the beach, ocean, wind, clay bluffs, insects. It’s hot and empty, an ocean facing wild beach that the day trippers and family beach parties ignore.   Evidence and artifacts lie everywhere but the people are far away, the arc of existence described by a million pointless objects. Decisions that were made elsewhere and long ago. GYRE, The piece I created for Reuse, Reinvent Reimagine started with the beachcombing ; the process of acquiring junk, trash, stuff to be sorted later.Walking along a beach, a place I call home at a time in my…

Studio 1.1, Shoreditch

This week I’m heading down to London to OSMAN’S XMAS BAZAAR at Studio 1.1 in Shoreditch which opens Thursday 5th Dec. 6-9pm and is part of Whitechapel Gallery First Thursdays. My paintings The Privilege of Memory and Olley, Olley, Oxen Free are being exhibited along with work by 11 other artists as well as this year’s Bazaar artists Joshua and Emma RAFFELL . My fellow Scottish exhibitor and pal Olivia Irvine (who’s work Cabin is also in the show) and I are travelling down for the PV on Thursday night. I hope to see London pals for some arty festive cheer!

Critical commentary, Summerhall

Paul Robertson, Curator, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2014 “Hag-Ridden is a triumph of installation. Works as diverse as overlaid drawing-paintings on opaque caravan windows, scraped carbon-paper scenes from Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ and video films all explore a landscape of haunted, absent houses and, related, the gulf of loneliness when one twin is away from its own carbon-paper copy. Marcoux is an excellent artist and she has begun a career that hints at a remarkable developing talent.”