My practice explores the fragmentary nature of memory and perception. As a migrant to the UK and an identical twin, ‘home’ and ‘identity’ are not constants but temporary, transient, even transferable. Using drawing, painting, found objects, and images, I explore ‘place’ as a locus of memory, dreaming, and desire. Landscape, houses, interiors, the objects found here, form a mise en scene of ‘real’ and imagined histories.  I lay down layers, take them up, find and create blanks.

Drawing and painting is at the centre of my practice. I work outside from observation and also in the studio where I employ found objects and automatic techniques (tracing, stencilling, sgraffito). Using a process of bricolage, I construct objects, make installations, work with moving image.

Observation and experimentation develop ways of seeing and help unlock meaning and imagination.