2013 blood/MarcyAVE, Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh

blood/MarcyAV, a girl’s heart of darkness was a collaborative exhibition curated by Michele Marcoux which took place at the Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh in 2013.

The exhibition showed work from Nostalgia/Analgesic a collaboration between artist Michele Marcoux, poet Sheila Black and sound artist Lynne Thermann. The project looked at their experience as young women in 1980′s Williamsburg, Brooklyn during a period when drugs were rife and crime rates soared (in 1988 more than 2000 people were murdered in New York City). A girl’s heart of darkness explores the nostalgia but also the pain of youth, and the implicit as well as explicit violence of life in the city, especially for women.

The following four short films were shown as part of the exhibition. A gallery of images from the show follows.

I wished on the moon is a looping projection. Film by Michele Marcoux, soundtrack by Lynne Thermann.


Laura, film by Michele Marcoux, voice over by Sheila Black and Lynne Thermann

Lost, collage of footage from Night of the Living Dead, soundtrack by Lynne Thermann. Poetry reading and poem Lost by Sheila Black. 

Cavernous, film by Michele Marcoux voiceover Lynne Thermann