The Telephone Project, April 2021

In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, I applied and was accepted to take part in THE TELEPHONE PROJECT an online game/art exhibition which went live in April 2021. I was asked to respond to two works of art: A piece of harp music by musician and a poem by poet Sally Ball. In response to these two pieces of work I created the painting For Lynne (the form does not repeat) -[see below]

THE TELEPHONE PROJECT Remember that game you played when you were a kid? Telephone? The TELEPHONE project is a game too, but on a grand scale. This is no game of giggling kids whispering a sentence around a circle. The TELEPHONE project, directed by Nathan Langston and designed by the dedicated (and all volunteer) project team, connected over 900 artists of many kinds (including writers, of course) in 72 countries. The project started with one message, passed through all the artists, branched out exponentially, then reversed and concluded with a single artwork. Confused? See the game map. Better yet, jump into the game and begin your journey. Get lost. Start here.

For Lynne (the form does not repeat), 2020

oil on board, 61cm x 61 cm

Thinking of form, of matter slipping its form, of how our bodies occupy space and are form. Of what happens as time progresses, when we change, when we leave.

We pass this experience and knowledge between us. Spend our lives doing this for each other. It is incomplete, there are blanks, it is a tangle. But there is no going back, we do not recreate but create.