Work Outdoors

Ongoing Working outdoors is at the centre of my visual art practice and after many years I feel I have established a creative ‘home’ in the landscape. The weather in Scotland can be unpredictable even in summer but in the right spot, responding to light and atmospherics there is a sense of meditative ‘presentness’. My intention is not necessarily to create finished work but to improvise and see what happens. This work is often further developed in my studio.

As well as working in the beautiful Scottish landscape, I have been privileged to work in the landscape in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, The USA, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Working outdoors was also at the centre of artist’s residencies I have done in Aragon, Spain in 2023, at Merz Galley in Sanquhar, Scotland, in 2021 and at the Museum of Loss and Renewal in Collemacchia, Italy in 2019