Gyre Project

GYRE,  Installation of found objects, drawings and photos, 2018
GYRE, Installation of found objects TENT Gallery, drawings and photos, 2018

Gyre came about from observing a mystery: the increasing number of cellophane balloons appearing on the same wild, and inaccessible ocean beach near my parent’s home on Block Island, Rhode Island in the USA. I collected hundreds from this beach over 10 years and with sculpture and automatic drawing, used these objects to explore melancholy, the persistence of desire, the seduction of nostalgia. Our ‘collective forgetting’ is a clue to this mystery, the end of the feedback loop that brings us back to the conundrum of what we think we need, and how this desire leads to massive destruction in the environment.

These ideas as well as the process of using objects found in the landscape combined with drawing and installation, went on to inspire Casser Maison (breaking the house).