The impossibility of memory

In the late 1980’s at a time when more than 2000 people a year were murdered in New York City, Southside Williamsburg, in Brooklyn was an extremely hot and heavy neighbourhood and was also where I lived from 1986 – 1990.

In April 2012 I went back there with my camera to capture the past, but where was it….?

The video shows me in the studio working on drawings for the upcoming blood/MarcyAV exhibition and talking about the inspiration for the show.

blood/MarcyAV is  me visual artist Michele Marcoux, sound artist Lynne Thermann and poet Sheila Black and explores the nostalgia but also the pain of youth, and the implicit as well as explicit violence of life in the city, especially for women. The show features painting/drawing, moving image, sound and text.

Lynne Thermann says “We cast back to our collective past. Traditionally, we honour our ancestors; however in modernity, we commit nostalgia. The show presents what survives from a shared city of dreams, which now exists only in artifacts of terror and love. We give life to the lost, re-animating the missing: young girls in the city, alive inside it.”

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