Nostalgia/Analgesic Diary

Since we all met up at Jean’s fabulous upstate NY farm last April, Lynne and Sheila and I have been working diligently away at the Nostalgia/Analgesic project. Sound! Image! Poetry!

Lots has happened in the meantime, Sheila’s moved herself and her family to San Antonio, Texas to run Gemini Ink, Lynne now has her mum up in the Catskills with her and Jean – Lynne has lots to do to keep everyone warm and fed up there – and chopping all the wood is the least of it! Here in Edinburgh I have moved to a new studio in Dalry, though I am still also working at the Screen Academy Scotland, at Edinburgh Napier University.

The big news is that we are finally going to bring the Nostalgia/Analgesic project together for a show at the Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh. The show is called BLOOD/Marcy Ave and opening night is appropriately Halloween, Oct 31st 2013! The space is MASSIVE and I am getting really excited (and a teensy bit freaked out) about getting all the work together.

As the three of us are thousands of miles apart (Texas, NY and Scotland, and in some cases still on dial up!) I decided to start a wee diary of the work we’ve been doing and the preparations in the run up to the show. Over the next few months plan to post pics, video etc to show you where we are with every thing.

Stay tuned!


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