Window paintings & video

When lockdown in Edinburgh began in March my studio in Dalry was closed. I gathered what I could and set up in the second bedroom in our flat. With limited space and wanting to work larger I realised that the solution was staring me in the face and I began using the bedroom window as a painting surface.

A Tabula Rasa?
As the lockdown progressed and the Covid-19 pandemic pushed us ever more inward,  I became aware and sensitive to the physical limitations of the new normal. Time flattened.  I struggled with reconciling myself to the indoors.  Yet, within this constraint, the possibility of positive change also began to emerge. Our experience shows it is possible to live with less, to live more simply. With the absence of humans, the natural world has re-awakened and is thriving. New clarity has shown the fault-lines in how we lived before and our relationship to the landscape. I have begun to wonder if this ongoing tragedy could also afford us a ‘blank slate’ to take forward positive change?

My second window painting I can see you from my bubble was an attempt to map the border between inside and outside, the natural world and the interior world of our flat. The video below is a time lapse of the creating of the painting in our living room windows.