Bonaly, Fife, St. Boswells: On location

In May I got a bicycle and began riding out to Bonaly Country Park to sit in the landscape and work with acrylic, pencil, pen and ink. Later when lockdown eased I took the car to Limekilns and Aberdour in Fife. These were my first trips out of Edinburgh.

In September I went on holiday to a farm cottage near St. Boswell’s in The Borders. Painting in the garden at Rutherford Farm cottages, I worked faster and more directly to capture the freedom of being away, of capturing the light and the early autumn atmosphere.

Bonaly, Aberdour and Limekilns

St. Boswells, The Borders


Bonaly and Aberdour Sketchbook
Pages from my sketchbooks showing drawings in ink and pencil.

St. Boswell’s sketchbook