March 2010, Floating Poems & text, Continental Drift

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Continental Drift, 2010 exhibition Patriothall Gallery

For the exhibition Continental Drift at Patriothall gallery, poet Sheila Black and I used a method of collaboration involving a to-and-fro flow of text and artworks—a kind of call and response process—in which neither of us  “illustrated” the other’s work, but rather used the other’s processes as a trigger to generate increased associative, visual, and rhetorical connections. Through this process we developed both poetry and visual work including an exhibition and long poem called Continental Drift and a series of short poems called The floating poems.

Floating poems

Ailanthus (tree of heaven) by Sheila Black

Fulmars by Sheila Black

Little Grief by Sheila Black

the closer i stick to fact the more it sounds like fiction by Michele Marcoux

Wulf and Eadwacer, (Anonymous Woman ca. 960) Trans. WB and Elene Kolb