Examples of work for Flourish Festival

Old Dear in Headlamps

Old Dear in the headlamps is a two channel projection that was screened at Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan as part of Ecologies of Displacement an exhibition I did with Pakistani artist Farrukh Addnan in January 2022. Ecologies of Displacement will travell to Summerhall in Edinburgh for the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Both videos are available to view here:
Password: OldDear

To see video of the installation of Old Dear in the headlamps at Koel Gallery, Karachi: https://vimeo.com/677730358/d528da1134

In medias res

A collage using an entire edition of the London Financial Times dated Sept 11, 2021. This collage formed a backdrop for Old Dear in the headlamps

Time lapse video sketches

These time lapse video sketches were shot in the countryside outside of Edinburgh, in Dumfriesshire and on the Isle of Lewis in a house in Stornoway.