Hag-ridden – my latest exhibition opens at Summerhall 6th June


It was a nightmare I had only once, aged 19; sleeping in the family home that I increasingly felt was haunted….

I awoke, desperately seeking proof that it was over. The clock, the lamp, the glass of water, the wooden staircase leading down into darkness. My twin sister’s bedroom door across the hall was closed. Terrified, I struggled to call her, but I was completely immobilised and couldn’t speak.  And as I sensed that the dream was not yet over I realised there was something else in the room with me, something unspeakable…

Hag-ridden ˈhaɡ-rɪd(ə)n

1. Tormented or worried, as if by a witch  2. 1680’s “afflicted by nightmares”.  An old term for sleep paralysis, the sensation of being held immobile in bed by a heavy weight and accompanied by a sense of an alien presence. 

June 7 – July 11
Private View June 6 7pm
Summerhall, Lower Church Galleries
Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Hope to see you at the Private View! Sign up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/249832321885197/

My latest exhibition Hag-ridden, opening at Summerhall on June 6th,  considers the idea of personal identity—specifically female identity – as a form of haunting. Through a range of approaches and materials – drawings on carbon paper, collage, moving image, found objects and text, the exhibition is a record of my explorations.

With reference to female archetypes from Hitchcock to horror film, literature (including the writing of Shirley Jackson and Henry James) as well as the iconography, stories, dreams from my childhood growing up an identical twin, I consider the notion of female identity as both a haunting and an absence— what we are vs what we should be. The silenced voice vs the Hag, the ‘true’ self and the doppelganger.  The haunted house, the haunted body.

By exploring formal visual ideas of collage, duplication, erosion, repetition – I hope to create a portrait of identity as dream, obsession, resonant memory.

The work will form a solo exhibition at Summerhall, Lower Church Galleries, Edinburgh June 7 – July 11. Private View Friday June 6th



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