Old Ambulance Depot Edinburgh- blood/MARCYAve Opens

BLOOD/MarcyAve - 31ST October 2013 Ambulance Depot Edinburgh

Exhibition Private View Oct 31st 7 – 9.30 pm, Exhibition opening hours 10.30 – 5pm 1st – 3rd Nov

BLOOD/Marcy Ave is an exhibition about girlhood, violence, memories and altered states to do with a particular neighbourhood in Southside Williamsburg, Brooklyn (MarcyAve). Paintings/drawing, moving image, sound, poetry by visual artist Michele Marcoux, poet Sheila Black and sound artist Lynne Therman

The Exhibition is now an Event on my Facebook page – go over and like my page and sign up to the event! https://www.facebook.com/MicheleMarcouxArtist/events



BLOOD/Marcy Ave is part of a collaboration between Sheila, Lynne and myself called Nostalgia/Analgesic which  explores the origins, problems and outlets of nostalgia as both “analgesia” and a source of “pain”.During the collaboration  we have considered 7 ‘Deadly Elements’ of our shared past (MUD, BLOOD, WATER, FIRE, BLACKNESS SIGHT, UNKNOWN) which is the basis for the work in the exhibition. These ‘Deadly Elements’ derive from Max Ernst’s surrealist graphic novel  Une Semaine de Bonte in which he considered these same 7 ‘Deadly Elements’ one for each day of the week.

Une Semaine de Bonte projects “recurrent themes of sexuality and violence, by dislocating the visual significance of the source material to suggest what has been repressed.” In a similar way we have examined and reconfigured the elements of our shared past to uncover the recurrent themes and narratives. Our collaboration has taken place in person, online and because of geographic remoteness and lack of broadband, through the post.Our research owes no small debt to the writings of Svetlana Boym, who’s book The Future of Nostalgia was the starting point for my research as a visual artist. Her ‘Off Modern Manifesto’ is a particular inspiration for me (quote below):

Off-modern does not suggest a continuous history from antiquity to modernity to postmodernity, and so on. Instead it confronts the breaks in tradition, the gaps of forgetting, loss of common yardsticks, and disorientations that occur in almost every generation. Off-modern reflection does not try to cure longing with belonging and a remake of traditional yardsticks. Rather it produces offspring of thought out of those gaps and crossroads, opening up an alternative way to the intellectual history of modernity. It invites us to explore the garden of forking paths that hides behind the facade of our urban nature, to tell unpredictable stories of contacts and disconnects, to play with fictional illusions and masks, to be honest with ourselves and our ghosts.” Svetelana Boym

Hope to see you all at the exhibition opening night Halloween (31st Oct) 2013  at The Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh!

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