Exhibition – Hagridden, Summerhall Lower Church Gallery, Edinburgh June-July 2014

Hag-ridden ˈhaɡ-rɪd(ə)n

  1. Tormented or worried, as if by a witch
  2.  1680’s “afflicted by nightmares”.  An old term for sleep paralysis, the sensation of being held immobile in bed by a heavy weight and accompanied by a sense of an alien presence. Also: Succubus, Mære (Old English), The Old Hag (Newfoundland), Witch riding your back (USA)

In Hag-ridden I  explored ideas surrounding personal identity, specifically female identity as a form of haunting. My starting point was a dream I had in 1979, using this experience, and other dreams, childhood iconography and stories from growing up as an identical twin, to inform my object making. Through a range of approaches and materials – drawings on carbon paper, collage, moving image, found objects and text, the exhibition is a record of my explorations.

With reference to female archetypes from Hitchcock’s Vertigo, horror film, pop culture and literature (including the writing of Shirley Jackson) I  explored formal visual ideas of collage, duplication, erosion, to create a portrait of identity as dream, obsession, resonant memory.

The sound installation House/Body which is in the main exhibition space, was created by sound artist Lynne Thermann in collaboration with Michele Marcoux.



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