HALLOWEEEEEN! – Two Weeks to go to MarcyAV


Only two weeks (exactly) to go to the blood/MarcyAV exhibition! Got the press release written (see below for quotes from my lovely collaborators poet Sheila  Black and the self-proclaimed Sound Chick Lynne Thermann). Been gearing up and staying late in the editing suite at work (thank you Screen Academy Scotland) to get the various moving image stuff done and dusted…Lynne’s ambient sound which features hits by the fabulously, creepily, smooth The Four Aces has mean that I have been singing “It’s a Woman’s World” to myself for weeks. Getting odd looks at the checkout.  Still looking for a copy of Night of the Living Dead for the projection though…

The Portaloo is rented, Duncan is carving the pumpkins and there will be (cheap) beer and possibly something warmer on hand… Hope to see you at the Opening  Halloween 31st Oct at 7-9.30 at  Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh.


a girl’s heart of darkness

 girlhood, memory, violence, altered states (zombies!), Southside Williamsburg.

And exhibition of painting, video, text & sound with visual artist Michele Marcoux, poet Sheila Black, sound artist Lynne Thermann


Brooklyn, the bad old 80’s

blood/MarcyAV is work from three artists (one based in Edinburgh and two based in the USA) which focuses on their time spent in 1980’s Williamsburg Brooklyn during a period when drugs were rife and crime rates soared (in 1988 more than 2000 people were murdered in New York City). A girl’s heart of darkness explores the nostalgia but also the pain of youth, and the implicit as well as explicit violence of life in the city, especially for women.


The exhibition opens on Halloween 31st of October 7 – 9.30 pm at The Old Ambulance Depot, 77 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh and will be open until November 3rd.


Michele Marcoux, visual art who is based in Edinburgh says “When we moved into Brooklyn in 1985 we were the first wave of bohemian/artist types to come into that particular neighbourhood in the Southside. The area was rife with gang violence but was also a neighbourhood of hard working immigrants. We felt at home there, but hard things happened…”


“Memory was a way into a collective process which allowed us to co-create an imagined past and at the same time explore the boundaries of our individual media and expression. But we have also sought to be critical of nostalgia too; it creates its own kind of propaganda.”


Poet Sheila Black says “The bombed out buildings, the ubiquitous drugs, the simple danger of being a girl and how that marked itself on us – our nostalgia began to seem a more haunted disturbing thing–a kind of zombie virus we needed to disinter to understand where we were or where we are now – a means of looking at the anguished face of female experience as it looks back at us–not just in 1980s NYC but across history.”


Sound Artist Lynne Thermann says “We cast back to our collective past. Traditionally, we honour our ancestors; in modernity, we commit nostalgia. “

“Blood/Marcy Ave presents what survives from a shared city of dreams, now existing only in artifacts of terror and love. In essence we give life to the lost, re-animating the missing: young girls in that city, alive inside it.”


The exhibition is the culmination of an 18 month collaboration called Nostalgia/Analgesic.


Due to the distances involved the collaboration between the three artists took place on the internet, skype, social media and sound cloud as well as via the old fashioned postal service.





The Old Ambulance Depot 77 Brunswick Street Edinburgh EH7 5HS

Private View 31st of October from 7-9.30pm

Exhibition 1st – 3rd Nov 10.30 – 17.00


MICHELE MARCOUX is an Edinburgh based artist who came to Scotland from New York in the 1990’s. She is based at WASPS Dalry and also works at Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University.


LYNNE THERMAN lives on a 19th century farm in the Catskills Mountains in Upstate New York and is a 24/7 carer. She does her sound work in the barn.



SHEILA BLACK is the author of two poetry collections House of Bone and Love/Iraq(both CW Press). She recently co-edited, with poets Jennifer Bartlett and Mike Northen, Beauty is a VerbThe New Poetry of Disability (Cinco Puntos Press, September 2011), which was named a Notable Book for 2012 by the American Library Association. A third collection Wen Kroy is forthcoming from Dream Horse Press. She is a 2012 Witter Bynner Fellow in Poetry, selected by Philip Levine, the Poet Laureate of the United States. She lives in San Antonio, Texas where she directs Gemini Ink, a literary arts centre.





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